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State Gov announcement.

The Events Industry Association welcomes today’s announcement from the State Government, that Western Australia will be scaling back most COVID restrictions. After over 2 years of COVID restrictions and event guidelines which have virtually crippled countless event businesses across every level of event production, the event industry is excited to be able to get back to work. Despite the relaxation of many rules over the past month, today’s announcement is a significant one for the event’s industry as it is the surest sign yet that the State Government has moving out of the pandemic phase, removing the constant threat of snap lockdown and crippling restrictions. This will give event business some degree of confidence that they can plan events and in doing so provide opportunities and work to suppliers and staff who have been longing for a return to normal. The removal of the mask rule and vaccination requirements will relieve event organisers of some of the more onerous obligations that have confronted event businesses whilst the removal of the 2sqm rule and capacity limits will make it more viable to hold events. Further, the removal of the mandatory requirement for COVID Safety Plans and Checklists will also reduce the burden on event businesses, although the Event Industry Association does still support all event businesses continuing to refer to the plans in order to ensure that events are able to proceed in the safest manner possible for patrons. Whilst today’s announcement is great news for event businesses, the Event Industry Association is very much aware that industry still have some ways to go in order to recover. The EIA will continue to advocate, as it has done over the last few months, for the Government to look at ways to stimulate event businesses whilst providing relief (payroll tax, licensing fees, etc) over the coming period to ensure that event businesses are able to ramp up at a steady and sustainable rate which will help navigate winter and the coming months. Finally, the EIA also asks patrons to bear in mind that over the coming months, many event businesses will be ramping up operations. As we have seen with other industries, such as travel, it may take some time for event businesses to return to pre-pandemic operations. Many event businesses will be looking to re-establish sound practices, increase staffing to required levels and get back into some form of rhythm. This may result in a slight decline in the levels of service patrons had come to expect pre-pandemic. To that end, we encourage patrons to buy tickets and get out and enjoy the finest that the Western Australian event industry has to offer whilst also showing some understanding as many event businesses look to get going again.

Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources. Get Vaccine Info

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