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Staff shortages...... who knew!

The Events industry did, that's who!

The Premier’s announcement that Optus Stadium is looking for 1,000 new workers represents the tip of an iceberg that the Events Industry Association has been warning of for the past 12 months. As the events industry looks to return to work after a long 2 years, the after effects of the sacrifices the events industry has been forced to endure are now being laid bare. With the events industry being sacrificed throughout the pandemic to protect other industries which were prioritised by the Government, the event industry is now in the difficult position of trying to lure staff back away from other industries in order to be able to start functioning again. Optus Stadium is an unfortunate example of this incredible shortage of staff that is plaguing the entire industry. Whilst the Premier’s post is appreciated, the Government can’t afford to be selective in who it assists. The entire event industry needs help in attracting staff back to events and we need the Government to step up and help all Western Australian event businesses get the show back on the road.

With a huge line up of major sporting events coming to Perth over winter, Optus Stadium is looking for a few more workers - 1,000 to be exact.

If you work in customer service, retail food and beverage or you're interested in working at a bar around the venue, this is for you.

Apply at Source: Mark McGowan Facebook Page

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