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Opening up our boarders

Vaccination & SafeWA

As Australia looks to work its way of the pandemic, the message that has been coming down from the Federal and State Government is that vaccination is going to be our key to returning to some form of normal life.

As an industry, even with the return of Phase 5, the last few weeks have demonstrated that the ever-present threat of lockdowns will continue to be the biggest impediment to the events industry bouncing back. As long as the lockdowns remain the primary defence in combating this virus, we will continue to see events struggling to get off the ground.

It is now clear that if we are to move past lockdowns, the population needs to be vaccinated. Regardless of individual views, the government has made it clear that in order to remove restrictions and avoid lockdowns we simply need to get more people vaccinated.

That is why the EIA is now calling on all event businesses and those who want to see the return of the events to get behind the call to Roll Up for WA and get vaccinated. For our industry to be able to return to work with confidence, we need to be doing our bit to help drive up vaccination rates.

At the same time, we also call on all event businesses to keep using, and encouraging their patrons to use, the SafeWA App. The SafeWA App is the State Government’s primary weapon when it comes to contact tracing and if we keep using the app, we increase the chances of any regrettable outbreaks being contained quickly. This reduces the risk of lockdowns and helps the event industry to continue to fight back.

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