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Notice is hereby given to the members of the Events Industry Association (WA) incorporated, in accordance with the Constitution, that the Annual General Meeting of Members will be held as follows:

DATE: Wednesday 17th November 2021 TIME: 6.00 to 6.30 pm –

Meeting 6.30 pm onwards – Networking Session

VENUE: Councillors Lounge, Administration Building Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia Claremont Showground, 1 Graylands Road, Claremont

In anticipation of the Annual General Meeting, the following documents have been forwarded to financial members via email.

Nomination for Election to Board o Proxy Form

A copy of the Meeting Agenda will be forwarded shortly and will comprise several Motions outlining changes to the Constitution, principally associated with the composition of the Board. In essence, it is proposed to change the current makeup of the Board from 12 elected members to 9 elected members and 3 appointed members. The objective of added appointed members is to give the Board the opportunity to target specific skill sets and/or ensure Board diversity.

It is recognised that the past 2 years have been extremely difficult, and members are asked to provide continued support to the Board who have worked tirelessly to highlight the importance and economic value of the events industry to government at all levels.

2 members are encouraged to nominate for a Board position and if successful, assist in directing the Association in the year ahead. It is likely that there will be seven (7) positions vacant, and we ask you to consider being part of the team, moving forward.

Nominations close on Thursday 21st October 2021. Following the AGM, we will host a Networking Session and we seek an RSVP for your attendance to by Monday 15th November 2021.

Please contact me should any aspect require clarification.

Ray Bird

Executive Officer

7th October 2021

M: 0437 204 679

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