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Member - Blake Williams

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This week, #MembersofEIA are profiling EIA’s Deputy Chair, and Creative Director at Williams Creative Company, Blake Williams.

1. Blake, tell me more about your profession

why did you choose to become a creative director I’m a radio presenter on mix94.5 by day and a musician/musical curator/ musical theatre actor by night.

I’ve been on air for 10 years with radio and tv and involved in the Australian music industry since studying music at W.A.A.P.A 15 years ago. I manage Williams Creative Company who represent PROOF The Band and various musical outfits.

I’ve always loved either being involved in various productions or directing and curating them for private and corporate clients.

I like to take a client brief and bring it to life using some of Australia’s greatest creative minds.

2. Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today? I’ve had different inspirations and mentors from various sectors of my career. In radio and TV, Dean Clairs, Russell Woolf, Rove McManus, Lisa Shaw. Within the music industry Kav Temperley and Tim Freedman. For me it all started at high-school with support from Lisa Barret and Cassandra King. Today I’m lucky to be constantly inspired by the people I surround myself and work with.

3. Which successful leader inspires you and why? I’m always constantly inspired by Hugh Jackman. Maybe not a leader in a traditional or political sense, but he is someone who has forged his own path and managed to do it with conviction, humility and grace.

4. Blake, if you could get a new skill in 10minutes, what would it be? To never forget anyone’s name. ever. The struggle is real.

5. What skill do you think everyone should learn? Time management. Everyone is busy. No one’s time is less or more important. Be early and be prepped, rehearsed ready to go.

6. What is your secret talent that no-one knows about? I guess a ‘talent’ would suggest a skill that’s useful… mines not. I think I could recite every episode of The X Files… It’s still never come in handy at a quiz night!

7. What is the best meal you have ever had? I think also a product of the setting and company, but when I was 22 in Venice, on the cannel with my future wife, eating a simple bowl of pasta and glass of cold rose. Bliss

8. Blake, what is the best event you have ever been to? Fringe Show 2021.

I love nothing more than heading into the city and playing “Fringe Roulette”. Picking up tickets to the next show and immersing myself in the festival. Great way to find show you’d never normally see. Unbelievable.

9. You are at an industry networking event, what’s your top tip on how to connect with people? It’s not about you impressing the room it’s about you learning about different sectors of the industry. Ask genuine questions that interest you and learn something new!

10. Why did you join the Events Industry Association? And what would you say to someone considering becoming a member? We’re working in tough times and I see the EIA as being a beacon of information and guidance. We need a united front and a strong local voice. The EIA has the power and dedication to be that!

Thanks Blake for talking to #MembersofEIA - we look forward to welcoming you to the next #EIA event.

Williams Creative Co is a boutique, West Australian company, specialising in bespoke music and entertainment curation for events and functions.

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