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Gourmet Escape cancellation is only the tip of the iceberg

The announcement yesterday by organisers of Gourmet Escape that the event would be canceled in 2021 for the second consecutive year is harrowing for the events industry.

Businesses and supply chains dependent upon revenue created through the event will have to survive three years before hopefully receiving income if the 2022 event is able to proceed. Since 2012 Gourmet Escape has attracted nearly 150,000 visitors and generated $70 million of economic activity, including 50,000 visitor nights, to the local economy.

With continued uncertainty around travel restrictions, lockdowns and other public health measures, the industry is extremely concerned about when the path to recovery will begin. In the current environment, it is not feasible for event organisers to operate. Keeping the doors open waiting to reach the end of the tunnel is done at significant financial loss.

Comments attributed to Tim Kennedy, Chair, Events Industry Association:

‘Businesses dependent upon events for income accessed financial reserves and drawdowns last year to survive. The capacity to do so again has finished. Those businesses are now finished too.’

‘The operating environment of businesses in the event industry is different from the positive climate for many other sectors in the state. The business environment for events is worse now than it has been for 18 months. With no end in sight, they simply are unable to continue endlessly and have reached the end of the line’

‘There will not be enough equipment to schedule simultaneous major events in WA on the same weekend. The cost of accessing equipment and resources is going to be significantly higher due to the need to bring those resources in from other states or internationally. Either patrons are going to be shocked by the price of tickets or events will bypass WA completely.’



For further information contact EIA Chair Tim Kennedy on 0410 544 716

Distributed by Ray Bird Executive Officer – 0437 204 679

21st September 202

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