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Masks mandated from 6pm tonight

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

BREAKING NEWS Premier Mark McGowan introduces mask mandates from 6pm for indoor venues.

In a media press conference call today at 2.30pm the Premier announced concern over the spread of Omicron in the Perth community.

''In addition to the two local cases already announced, I can confirm as of 1pm today, WA has reported a further three local cases so far today. It’s clear the number of cases of the Omicron variant is growing, and so is the risk to the community. The three new local cases will be included in tomorrow’s update. Two of these local cases have also been linked to U Natural Spa Therapy in Applecross. I implore anyone who has visited this business between the 7th and 13th of January to please come forward and get tested immediately. Do not hesitate, do not assume you are fine because you have no symptoms. You must go get tested. What we know from the Omicron experience over east is that you can be carrying the virus with you, and have no symptoms. So don’t leave it until it is too late – go get tested now. In light of the growing number of cases in WA, today we are raising the alarm. We need everyone in Perth and Peel to take this situation very seriously. We now have community spread of Omicron in Perth - we know it spreads fast and easily. The spread of Omicron is serious and requires a serious response. So, I have an urgent plea for anyone in Perth and Peel who is unwell to go get tested immediately and isolate until you have a negative result. Additionally, In light of the spread of Omicron in our community, we need to implement new public health measures. Based on the latest advice from the Chief Health Officer, as of 6pm tonight we will be reintroducing the mask mandate for all public indoor venues in the Perth and Peel regions. The mask mandate will not apply to the home, and will not apply for people doing vigorous indoor exercise or children under 12. We know that masks have a significant impact in helping stop the spread of this virus. It’s important we all do our bit to help limit the spread. Particularly given the number of local cases we have picked up this weekend alone – we have to assume there are more cases of Omicron in our community. So, let’s mask up in all indoor public venues, use SafeWA, and get tested if unwell or you have been to an exposure site. We’ve called on Western Australians to take action before, and you’ve heeded our calls, today we ask you to take action again. We need to act now, without delay.''

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