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Mandatory vaccinations

Mark McGowan press conference: WA’s vaccine mandate expanded to cover 75 per cent workforce

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Charlotte EltonThe West Australian

Wed, 20 October 2021 11:15AM

Vaccination will become mandatory for a huge list of occupations including teachers and those in hospitality and construction, Premier Mark McGowan has revealed — or risk a $20,000 fine.

The new rules will apply to roughly 75 per cent of WA’s workforce.

The cohort are the latest group to come under compulsory jab rules. Aged care and health care staff, “mission critical” mining workers, truckies, and port workers are already required to get vaccinated.

By December 1, a large list of occupations — including police, fire emergency workers, and community care workers — are required to have had one dose of the vaccine. Most workers included in this group are already included under existing mandates.

Watch today's the media conference here.

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