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MANAGING EVENTS in the COVID-19 era - Seminar 29 July 2020

On the 13th March 2020, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions, the Events Industry was the first to completely close. Recognising the enormity of the situation for both businesses and staff, the Events Industry Association (WA) formed a Strategic Recovery Group and invited kindred organisations to join in planning to reboot the industry. With the WA Showman’s Association and the WA Mobile Food Vendors Association we met, via ZOOM every morning to prepare plans to seek support from the WA and Federal Governments.

The Seminar hosted at RAC Arena on 29 July 2020 outlined the extent of our achievements during the past four months as governments have recognised and acknowledged the value of events to the economy. The Seminar was an an opportunity to provide important information on How to Manage upcoming events within the new rules. Both speakers presentations are attached below.

Jaala Downes

Senior Scientific Officer, Biological and Applied Sciences, Environmental Health Directorate, Public and Aboriginal Health Division, Department of Health.

Jaala graduated as an EHO 19 years ago, and has worked in metro, rural and remote WA.

Jaala has been with the WA Department of Health for 10 years, working in a diverse role: providing advice to local government, industry, and the public on topics such as skin penetration, Legionnaire's Disease, mould, risk, and emergency and crowd management in public buildings and public events.

Some years ago, Jaala took a break from EH to get her Diploma of Secondary Education, majoring in biological sciences, then spending two years working as a high school science teacher in a comprehensive school in Kent, England.

Jaala's presentation on Event COVID Safety Planning is attached here for you to download.

EIA Covid and Events - 29 July 2020
Download • 4.12MB

Beth Robinson

Special Counsel - Mason Ledger - Employment & Workplace Relations

WHS law in Western Australia imposes clear obligations on employers and businesses to ensure the safety of their employees and members of the public, including in respect of both physical and biological hazards. The key to compliance with these requirements is being able to understand, identify and manage the key safety risks in the working environment.

The session walked attendees through this process and help attendees understand how to approach risk assessments, implement solutions, and manage risk.

Beth is one of Perth’s leading employment and workplace relations lawyers with expertise in safety law. She recently joined Mason Ledger motivated by the desire to drive change in how legal services are provided and how the business of law operates. Beth is passionate about building long term partnerships with clients and providing commercial, practical, solution-based advice.

Beth's presentation is available to download below.

Managing Safety 29 July 2020
Download • 304KB

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