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Lotterywest’s $7.7 million support for Perth Festival

Lottywest generous cash spash!

  • Lotterywest $7.7 million grant for 2022 Perth Festival

  • 2022 Perth Festival celebrates the theme of Wardan (Ocean)

  • Lotterywest Films, part of Perth Festival, now open

The McGowan Government, through Lotterywest, has set the stage for the 2022 Perth Festival, with significant funding for free community events and core program costs. Lotterywest's $7.7 million grant will assist local arts initiatives and avenues for Western Australian artists and creative organisations to join Perth Festival through its Connect program. The program provides opportunities for WA creatives to work alongside local and national artists, giving them access to professional development.

Read more - Premier McGowen - full press release.

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