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Getting the Show Back on the Road + Round 2

Last month the State Government opened the second round of the new, broadened Getting the Show Back on the Road+ (GTSBOTR+) program.

The GTSBOTR+ program aims to reduce the financial risks associated with running ticketed events in Western Australia during a COVID-19 impacted period with a direct focus on reducing the financial impact of gross box office sales lost due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

The aim of the program is to increase industry confidence whilst also affording event organisers some insurance again a snap lockdown. The GTSBOTR+ program does this by awarding grants of up to 75% of projected total gross box office ticket sales capped at $150,000.

Relevantly, the second round is open to a broader array of events, including music, performing arts, festivals, sporting events, agricultural shows and culinary shows. Importantly, even an event does fit within the existing criteria, an application can still be made.

Further, and more relevantly for suppliers, it is a condition of the grants that event organisers are expected to prioritise payments for employee benefits for hours worked, and contractors for production services and supplies provided for the event.

So if you are looking to hold an event, make sure you apply for the grant, and if you are a supplier, try and insist that your event organise applies for the grant to try and help offset against the crippling effect of any lockdown.

Finally, if you have any feedback or critiques of the programs, please provide us with feedback so we can relay that to Government.

Find out more about applying for funding.

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