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  • Chair EIA - Tim Kennedy

FutureNow Event Industry Advisory Network

Over the last month, the Events Industry Association has been working with FutureNow, a not-for-profit organisation tasked with, amongst other things, assessing the vocational education and training needs and priorities for industries within Western Australia.

FutureNow has been looking into the skills and training issues currently facing the events industry, and in conjunction with industry leaders from across a wide array of event businesses, an Event Industry Advisory Network has been established in order to address these needs.

At the first meeting of the Network, the focus was largely on assessing the biggest skills issues currently facing event businesses, with lack of certainty and a lack of technical staff a major headache. From there, a lot of focus was on the sorts of initiatives that could be introduced to assess this shortage. This included a vibrant discussion around how we attract youth into the industry, the type of training that is on offer, and the pathways that could be made available to keep people in the industry.

Whilst the Network is very much in its infancy, we would appreciate feedback from members about what they are experiencing with workforce issues and the sorts of initiatives that may assist event businesses in attracting and keeping talented and technical staff.

Member submissions and feedback can be sent via our contact form on our website.

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