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COVID Financial and Wellbeing Impact Survey

Chamber of Arts and Culture WA Many sectors are working together to collate real time information that assist us in ensuring real time data is available when important decisions are made that will impact our industries.

Financial and Wellbeing Impact Survey for WA's arts and cultural sector. We understand that so many of us have survey fatigue, but it is important that we get as many artists, arts workers and arts and culture organisation responding so we get a true picture of the issues facing the many sectors that make up WA's arts and culture ecology. The survey seeks to collect data on the financial and artistic risks the sector is facing over the next 6 months in preparation of the WA borders re-opening. This information will inform our advocacy to government – both around the investment needed to mitigate the immediate impacts across the whole of the sector, as well as the medium-long term investment planning required so government support does not just fill the deficit but builds sustainability and growth. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and thoughts on the challenges facing the sector in the next couple of months. The survey should take approximately 20 mins if you are responding as an organisation, and approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete if you are responding in your capacity as an artist, creative producer or arts administrator. All individual responses and comments will be kept confidential. The aggregate survey results will be shared with respondents and presented to the Minister for Culture and the Arts; Heritage and to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries as part of the Chamber’s advocacy on behalf of the sector.

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