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COVID-19: EVENTS INDUSTRY UPDATE Produced by the Environmental Health Directorate (EHD)Circular 24:

New mandates have come into effect.

There are some significant changes to what events are now captured.

Please read. If you have questions please use the contact details within the document.

Some points noted.

From the 31st January 2022, proof of vaccination requirements expanded to a range of venues and events state-wide. These are detailed in the recently published Proof of Vaccination Directions (No. 3).

Staff and volunteers who work at the events captured by the proof of vaccination requirement, who did not previously fall under the WA Government’s mandatory vaccination policy, will need to be fully vaccinated to continue to work, or have an approved exemption. All affected staff, volunteers and performers need to have had their first vaccination dose by 31 January 2022 and be fully vaccinated by 28 February 2022.

New categories for event numbers

The way in which events are categorised, and the requirement for a COVID Event Plan or Checklist has changed. From 12:01am, Saturday 5 February 2022, the following will apply:

  • Category 1 (501 – 1,000 patrons): Event organisers will need to complete a COVID Event Checklist.

  • Category 2 (> 1,000 patrons): Event organisers will need to complete a COVID Event Plan.

Full release can be found here.

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