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COVID-19: Acts still cancelling WA gigs as uncertainty remains around restrictions

A really great article in the West Australian today in which some industry heavyweights (including former board member, Michael Scott) have reinforced the fact that whilst the re-opening of the Western Australian border is a step in the right direction, the industry still very much remains on tenuous grounds.

The uncertainty which has confronted the industry over the past 2 years, still very much remains a major impediment as the industry looks to get back on its feet.

From the EIA’s perspective, the border re-opening represents a significant turning point in terms of what the industry needs.

For 2 years, it been about survival and trying to help get the industry recognition and support. The focus now turns to getting the industry back on its feet. Uncertainty, depleted funds, workforce shortages, talent attraction and industry confidence generally are all major obstacles which need to be overcome.

Over the coming weeks, the EIA will be advocating for some long term measures to stimulate the industry. Enhances training packages and a revised GTSBONT+ package will be at the top of the agenda, as will the revisiting of the Metropolitan Events Scheme (which is designed to provide grants to event organisers). Payroll tax relief will be a major ask for the coming period and will other relief which will hopefully assist suppliers get going again.

That said, the policy position is still very much under review so if you have any ideas about what you need in order to get your business going again, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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