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Are you affected by WA's Lockdown?

My fellow events people we need your info on what events you lost over the past weekend please ! As a board member of the Events Industry Association we have been lobbying government but we need the cold hard evidence.

So if you where meant to attend a event that got cancelled or are contractor, vendor or coordinator any involvement in events.

Please take 5 minutes and fill in the survey !

The Events Industry Association (WA) needs your help to assess the impact the April lockdown has had on the event industry in Western Australia.

Since the State Election in March, the EIA has been working tirelessly with the new Government to advocate for assistance for the Event Industry including meetings with members of Cabinet.

This April lockdown (like February) has been devastating for the industry and we intend to use this to push for compensation and short term assistance, in addition to our other policy asks.

To help us continue to advocate for events, please complete the survey to help us put together meaningful statistics to support our push.

Unless you indicate otherwise, the information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used as part of our statistic gathering.

Take the survey now!

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