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Annual General Meeting

On Wednesday 25th November, the EIA conducted the 2020 Annual General Meeting at the RAS of WA Showgrounds at Claremont.

With the use ZOOM the meeting had a collective attendance of 35. Those who attended in person received verbal reports from Association President Tony Williamson and Treasurer Jules Brashaw, plus it was an opportunity to meet Board members and enjoy some social networking.

COVID-19 presented the Association with so many demanding challenges, yet we are proud to have collected an impressive list of achievements. Details of how the pandemic impacted on the specific issues and what action was undertaken since March, will be provided in a document as part of the special 2021 Membership Renewal Incentive Packages.

AGM President's Report - 2020
Download PDF • 415KB

In the meantime, please find the President's Report for a summation of the associations activities throughout the year.

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