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St John Event Health Services is the leader in the provision of health care at events in Western Australia. Event Health Services has been providing medical services at WA events since 1903 and attends more than 4,000 events annually.​ Our experience is second to none and we continue to lead the way in best practice medical care at events.


St John Event Health Services can cater to any size event or venue and can provide a wide range clinicians from First Aid Officers, Medics, Registered Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors. No matter how complex your event is, we can find a solution to ensure the safety of your patrons. 

With our extensive medical resources, integration with the Department of Health and emergency services stakeholders, proven risk management procedures and our highly experienced event management team, you can confidently outsource the medical risk at your event to St John Event Health Services.

Brody-Mae Munyard
Client Services Manager
0403 836 725 or 08 9334 1327

Client Services
St John Event Health Services
08 9334 6754

St. John Event Health Services
209 Great Eastern Hwy
08 9334 6754

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